Coaching & Riding Lessons

Are you interested in the art of Dressage, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you or your horse has reached a plateau and you need help figuring out why?

Abi offers riding lessons and training year-round in Canton Georgia, and surrounding cities She teaches all levels of riders and all breeds. She believes that dressage is the training foundation that can help riders improve in any discipline! She teaches not only Dressage but to be an effective horse person. Both for pleasure and show.



The standard lesson is always a favorite for getting started on a new training path. Whether you're interested in one day a week or five, Abi works with you to help create achievable goals, identify strengths and weaknesses, and create a step-by-step action plan that helps you reach those goals. She works with Adult Amateurs and Professionals alike and approaches every rider and horse partnership from a holistic perspective.

Abi’s lessons are designed around a foundation of correct rider biomechanics while teaching through the Dressage Training Scale. She works with her students to help them develop a relaxed and supple horse that is connected from the leg to the hand, that responds to the rider’s cues, and has a willingness to move forward.


One of Abigail’s favorite quotes: “Only a balanced horse can relax, and only a relaxed horse can develop Impulsion and Collection.” (Nuno Oliveira, 1988)

Abi is available for lessons at her farm in Canton Georgia or is willing to travel anywhere in Cherokee, Forsyth, or Fulton Counties. She offers:

  • In-person lessons

  • Travel lessons (Cherokee County and surrounding)

  • Online lessons

  • Ride-A-Test lessons

Full and Partial Training

Abi offers full and partial training for both the horse and rider. With a focus on teaching her horses a supple contact, thoroughness, symmetry in the body, and a willing self-going horse, Abi produces good competition partners that are enjoyable to ride and to be around. She trains in a logical and systematic way that is clear for the horse to understand. This method of consistency in training promotes harmony and happiness between horse and rider.

For more information and pricing, call or text Abi at (561) 284-3228

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Being a Confident Horse Rider
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